JU Announcement

جدول الاسبوع السادس و السابع تم تعديله
وموجود حاليا على الموقع
مسج من دكتوره هيام

Dear All
Please note the following
1. The final exam will be on Saturday 9/3
2. The attached schedule is for the sixth and seventh weeks.
3. I modified the schedule so you can have an extra day to study.. so absence on Monday is totally unacceptable.
4. The PBL on Monday is given by a very prominent neurosurgeon in the private sector. He is giving you two hours of his time and he is known to be a great teacher, so please attend. His first lecture will be for section 2 and the second is for sections 1 and 3 combined.
5. Please note that I needed to put lectures from 12-1 on some days for some sections.. make sure you attend these.
6. For the pathology lectures, Sunday lecture at 9 oclock: this is for sections 1 and 3 combined.
7. The lectures where we have presentations are indicated clearly on the schedule, those who have presentations: please make sure you are ready on those lectures.
8. Regarding the behavioural lectures on week 7, I still need a final confirmation that the changes are OK. So there is a slight possibility that we might need to change the schedule for week 7.

Please attend all your lectures, and study well

Good luck
Dr Heyam Awad